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USA Chin Woo (formerly known as America Chin Woo Athletic Association)

   J.K. Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy

Back in 1995, when everything else in my life was falling apart, kung fu was the one thing there for me. Stability... Keeping me anchored and in touch with who I was. I threw myself into the school in a way I haven't done for anything else since, and may never do again. I've stayed in Dallas all these years for the school - not so much for anything I give them, but because I love my kung fu school. I care deeply about this changing group of people. More than friends, we are a Chin Woo family - my second family. I've learned much about responsibilities & my own strength & weakness through the my experiences with them. 

1989 I visited the kung fu school for the 1st time. They were practicing kung fu and lion dancing. It looked too difficult to my 12 year old eyes.

1991 Because a daughter of her friend was taking classes, I was forced to start taking kung fu classes by my mother, who was interested in my health. Asian parents are fond of making their kids take lessons: piano, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, dance, etc.  At first, it was just another class I had to take, but this time I found I actually enjoyed myself.   Eventually, I was attending despite my mother, who thought I was spending too much time there.

Be careful what you ask for, right?  Sorry mom, Chinese New Year was just too fun. 

Taken with the host after we performed for the Good Morning Texas spot on Chinese New Year.
Yes, I've been on TV.  Normally, just briefly as part of a news clip on Chinese New year, but that still counts.
I'm standing 2nd from the left.

Here at the ripe age of 15, my first big party... :) This was our fundraiser / Halloween party at a local university.  I was pretty excited. 
P.S. I'm sitting 2nd from the left

Performing for Chinese New Year in a lion dance costume as the head.  I never was that good, but I enjoyed it.

1994/1995 A lot happened these years. I went to Hong Kong to compete in the International Lion Dance Competition on the USA team.  We didn't do so well, amateurs competing against professionals... But, I got to learn how to play the drum, and I got to visit Hong Kong before the handover. The trip was a definite learning experience.  I ate some great Chinese food, rode a subway for the first time, & practiced Mandarin with the Malaysian kids on the left.

Playing drum for a Chinese New Year show.

Roar of the Lion, May 1995

We brought over some Lion Dancing professionals from Malaysia for a series of performances. They were awesome! 
I'm standing in blue, 2nd from the right.

     During these years, everything else in my life was pushed aside for kung fu. If an activity would interfere with kung fu, I didn't do it.  I once received a pass to attend a free movie preview - one of those test screenings, which turned out to be Waterworld with Kevin Costner in attendanceBut, it was on a 

kung fu class night so I didn't go. Graduation from high school was a brief 2 hr event that I left as soon as was possible. I  saw my family after my graduation for a 2 min  hug & kiss before I jumped in the car to drive over to the Richardson Convention Center.  It was opening night of the Roar of the Lion, and I didn't want to waste any time away. 

     In the summer of 1995, I went to Baltimore, MD to compete in the national wushu kung fu tournament & volunteered at the World Wushu Tournament. The World Wushu Tournament was very cool.  I watched the best modern wushu martial artists from all over the world compete.  Very, very cool.  Those people can do amazing things, that you'd think wouldn't be humanly possible.  I also got to meet a lot of people there - OK, maybe a lot of men there. Martial arts definitely does not have an even distribution of the sexes. At 18, I was just starting to learn how to be a girl after being a Tom-boy my whole life.  I can only laugh at myself. :) 

     Following a similar theme (super involvement with my martial arts school), I organized our 1995 anniversary  

The only picture I have of myself doing martial arts where I even look 1/2 decent. (so I'm vain... it's still my website.  :P) Too bad it's me doing Tai Chi and not something more impressive/fast action. 

I'm standing in a blue shirt 8th from the right

party. Too 
busy taking care of details, I missed out on most of the revelry. But, I found one of my loves, organizing events.  I love taking care of all the details & seeing my work bring enjoyment for others. 

 2 of my students getting ready to perform at the 1995 Anniversary party. I say "my,"  really, they don't belong to anyone.  I think they were around 5 or 6 in this picture.  It's amusing seeing this picture as they are now teenagers, & they look so young here.

1998  In the summer after my 3rd year of college, I went for a month long vacation to (mostly) Asia.  I went to Malaysia/Singapore with my kung fu school &  to Taiwan/CA to visit family.

 First, in Malaysia to compete in the 
World Chin Woo tournament.

US Chin Woo team with the Singapore Chin Woo team
I'm in the middle, standing just right of the 2 people in shirt & tie

Penang Chin Woo performing Tan Tui # 3
The opening ceremonies of the World Chin Woo Competition were inspiring.

Then, in Singapore to learn marital arts from Singapore Chin Woo. 
They had a lot of really good people.  I wish I remembered better what I learned that week.

Competing in spear.  My eyes are always closed in these "action" pictures. :D  

Standing, top row, 4th from the left. If I put a bunch of random pictures here &  pointed to a random person, no one would probably know the difference.  lol

My last night in Singapore with Singapore Chin Woo. We had a buffet of Mongolian hot pot, then did some site seeing around the city.  

Today - I'm not as involved in Chin Woo as used to be. I've gotten busy with other aspects of my life: medical school, dating, friends, learning about other aspects of life. Or, maybe I've just gotten lazy. In any case, my part of heart will always be there. Let's see what the future holds. You never know, you might just see a USA Chin Woo school in an town near you owned by one Jennifer Wabin.

2 friends reunited through Chin Woo. Glad to see you again Kimberly!

In July 2002, USA Chin Woo hosted a World Wushu Tournament in conjunction with the 2002 Taiji Legacy.  While not so many Chin Woo schools came to this tournament, it was still a good time.  I met people from Chin Woo schools in Australia, Japan, UK, China, Malaysia, and Switzerland.  More info to follow later.  :)