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So, I have a plan to open a martial arts school in the future, read on if you want to know more information.  :)

Chin Woo was originally started @ the turn of the 19th century (I'm paraphrasing, & my memory is not super accurate), by a man named Huo Yan Jia in response to opium problems in China.  He saw the Chinese people doing drugs, which were brought in by Europeans, and fighting internally with each other while their land was being taken over by those same foreigners (the US also participated during her colonialism years).  He decided to found Chin Woo based on the idea that different martial arts school could band together, form a greater organization, and keep kids off the streets. & off drugs.  I want to keep that idea alive and going.  

I want my school to be a place for people to learn martial arts and to build friendships.  A place where no one will tell you that you can't play, that you aren't cool enough to be involved.  A place for self-esteem building.

One of our mottos is Chin Woo One Family, and that is what I want to provide.  Just as Chin Woo is my second family, I want to continue the tradition for future generations.  But not only for future kids like me who grow up in good households.  When I make my school, I want to provide opportunities for those kids who need it most.  I will provide services to underprivileged / inner city kids who maybe don't have good family support networks, who maybe don't have much, period.  To do this, I know that I need to learn how to fundraise, to write grant proposals, to organize events and to build a network of individuals interested in my goals.  

I need a solid business plan to make my school operational.  I want to hire great martial artists, maybe from over seas.  Their jobs will be just to teach martial arts.  My sifu (teacher) had to worry about teaching, running a school, and making enough money to live.  At first, martial arts was a pastime for him - teaching classes after work.   My school will be a business where the teachers can be just teachers and dedicate themselves to that and the mission of the school.  I plan on creating a fund for the school that hopefully will be able to pay rent and salary costs for the instructors year to year.

Am I smoking crack?  Do you have any ideas/encourangement for me?  Wanna help?  Let me know:

get this gear!

More info to come later, as I formulate my plan better. 


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The Chinese Connection starring Bruce Lee, set after the time of Huo Yan Jia's untimely death.

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