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Traveling is one my passions in life. I love experiencing new places. The look, the feel, the people are so different and still so similar. Every place has a unique sense of what it is, yet the human existence remains the same. We all are faced with the same types of challenges and desires, and each culture has found it's own way to deal with the challenges that encompass life.

Visiting, as a stranger, hoping to get a sense of place is both thrilling and beautiful.

Despite running around lost almost half the time, the thrill of traveling on my own, unsheltered from the environment by buses and groups of people, is amazing - walking, sitting, observing, and half-meditating on my surroundings. I have cried. I have despaired. I have made new friends. I have wandered and explored places not technically open for view.

While traveling with friends and family can be fun, there is something to be said for solitude. Free to imagine and explore with no responsibilities save my own safety. Still, within the traveling sub-culture, there are always temporary friends to be had for those times when I want companionship.

Where will I go next? I wait in anticipation.