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Taos, NM 2000


I tried skiing for the first time in the winter of 2000, at the ripe age of 23.  I went with and Heidi & Chuck to Taos, NM.  It was beautiful and sunny all three days that we were there.



Starting my skiing lesson

Heidi and I on the mountain top.  It's a pretty big drop from the edge of the picnic table, but we had to look over it and sit there.  I seem to like scaring myself with heights a lot.  :)
I don't have many great pictures, but it was a lot of fun!  Actually, I just got lazy and didn't feel like scanning anything else in.  Maybe I'll add more at some later date.  On the way back, there was a  terrible accident that we all stopped and tried to help at.  It was a really weird experience because I had never seen freshly dead people before.  (future link to my journal entry for the day)


Taos, NM 2001

This time, we decided to go skiing again, but wanted a larger group: Heidi, Me, & Chuck again with Brandon, Albert, Iullian, and Steven.  It was harder for me this time because the weather wasn't so good, and I was pretty scared.  It was Brandon's, Albert's, and Steven's first time skiing.



Albert in the foreground, and I in the background.  This was at the end of the first day, our last run.  Took us forever to get down, and I thought we might just have to try and get some help at some points.  It was COLD! 

Heidi & I were skiing together, and I managed to clothesline myself into a rope barrier.  Then, Albert came flying around a different path that merged with ours and fell over right by me (for no apparent reason).  Brandon, who was skiing with Albert, came around, tried to do a jump, and fell when he landed.  It was sad with all 3 of us down.  By the time Heidi (the only one standing) got her camera out, I had already gotten up.

I was extremely jealous because Brandon, who had never skied before, seemed to take to it like a fish in water.  I guess a Rollerblading talent is good for something.  But here he is after falling over (ha!) and almost falling of the edge of the trail. 

Heidi and I at the edge again.  We didn't feel like climbing to the edge this time b/c it was a little harder to get there.  Plus, we had done it before & just wanted to start skiing.

Albert & Brandon at the same place, but they were too chicken to go to the edge. 

 The great view on Ski lift #8.

A cute picture of Heidi that I took at the end of our trip.




From the left: 
Albert, Steven, Chuck, Iullian, me & Brandon