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Here are my pets.  Cute lil buggers. lol

Godzilla & Cleopatra

In the summer of 1996, I picked up 2 Siamese-mix kittens from a golden retriever breeder on a farm in rural Texas.  @ 5 weeks, they were tiny, barely weaned, adorable and covered in fleas. 

The differences between the 2 became evident pretty quickly.  Cleopatra was picked for her intelligence.  She was stalking @ the age of 5 weeks.  Godzilla was picked b/c he was sociable & stepped in/on everything (hence the name).  

Someone newly bathed.  I had to bathe them with baby shampoo until they were old enough for flea shampoo.  Bath time was a daily event.

Here they are fighting. Can you tell which is which? He wasn't able to win their fights until he was 2x her wt. 


At first, she was only 
1 day ahead of
him - noticing things 1 day before he did. 
 Then it was a couple of days,
then weeks.  Godzilla noticed
 the fish tank almost a month after
 she had already become bored, which took about 6 weeks.  :D

ross-eyed & not too bright, but super sweet.

A demonic looking Godzilla in his 20+ lbs of glory.  He's on a perpetual diet, but I think we're only maintaining now.  


Are you talking to me?


In the winter of 1997, Anastasia joined my household from Texas CARES.  A very affectionate kitty, who later developed a neurotic paranoia.  I kept her after a break up since she was afraid of the ex-boyfriend.  While aptly dubbed the ghost cat, she does make an appearance at the food bowl each AM. 


An eye

A failed attempt at keeping her warm on a cold winter.  Here she is in her typical terrified mood.

In order of heads, left to right: Godzilla, Cleopatra,
& Anastasia (in her younger, thinner days)


My latest addition to the Wabin household zoo is an African Grey Parrot.