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My favorite links for a bunch of misc stuff. 

Environmental / Social justice - Links I have found through time that coincide with my tree-hugging hippie political views. - Click here on various links to sponsor/donate things.  Apparently, sponsors will give $ to the causes if you click / visit their sites.  (I don't know if it works, but it's worth a shot) - Save the rainforest & feed some Chimps for 2 clicks a day - Click to save some rainforests.  Sister sites: Hunger Site, Breast Cancer Site, & Animal Rescue site. - My electric company.  I switched my electric company from TXU to Green Mountain Energy which generates electricity only through wind and solar power. - A cat adoption agency that I volunteer with. - Medical Students for Choice, a pro-choice organization dedicated to promoting women's health education in medical school and increasing the number of providers - which is quickly becoming the main limiting factor in the ability of women to obtain an abortion.  PS. Did you know an abortion is the most common procedure that women of reproductive age undergo?  Many medical schools do not teach or inform their students/residents anything about the procedure (other than mention it by name).  Did you know that some medical schools do not even teach about contraception properly? - Another pro-choice organization in Texas, dedicated "promoting the fair application of the judicial bypass option of the Texas parental notification law."  They help educate minors on the whole judicial bypass laws, and help them through the process if they can not notify their parents for one reason or another (ex. their parents are dead, not in touch with their kids, abuse their kids & are sometimes the fathers.) - National abortion and reproductive rights action league.  The right to an abortion is hanging in balance.  States are instituting laws to limit choice, and the Supreme court is only 5:4 pro-choice right now.  1 anti-choice/pro-life nomination to the supreme court & Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

Just a Start - a very cool program I heard about on NPR for homeless teenage moms.  (NPR story  NPR is so cool!)

Beef - I read a NY Times article about how they raise cattle for slaughter. What used to take 5-6 yrs , now takes 1yr.  Say "no" to feedlots: cruel & unusual treatment of animals.  

The 2nd column is a list of ranches I've compiled that are organic & don't use feedlots.  Most want you to buy 1/2 the cow, you can get just a few lbs @ some sites. 
(p.s. Whole Foods told me they buy meat that's organic but still goes through feed lots.)

The New York Times article that got me motivated.  You're supposed to register to be able to read it (it's free).  If you want my registration info, ask & you shall receive.

New England Livestock Alliance - here's another posting of the article, without the pictures.  

Fresh Air interview - An interview on NPR of the author. - A new grass feeding ranch.  While I can't tell if they don't use feedlots, they do have links to other interesting articles. - Website devoted to pasture-based farming - Lasater Grasslands Beef - Texas Natural Beef - 4K Ranch Beef - Ervins Natural Beef - Ketchum Farms Natural Beef - Loeb Farms, Natural Beef - TMZ farm with Beef, buffalo, and eggs - Vermont Natural Meats: beef, chicken, pork & syrup

Computers - the ever essential list of products, vendors & prices.  The 1st place I look for computer products. - Tom's hardware guide.  A great guide to find hardware reviews - Anand Tech, another good hardware review guide. - A good site to find no-cd patches, for when you're tired of putting the CD in everytime you wanna play a game. - a very cool messenger program that lets you log onto AIM, yahoo, MSN, ICQ through 1 program.  I just like it b/c it's got very cool smileys that will play sounds.  (like a meowing cat)

Anime - aka. Japanese animation.  one of my hobbies.  Mostly written for teenagers, usually nice, brainless entertainment.  My favorite series (in case you're wondering) are Nadesico, Tenchi Muyo, Child's Toy, Cowboy Bebop, Ranma 1/2 (my start) - Anime Web Turnpike.  A good guide/list of anime web pages. - I used to be addicted to this site.  Lots of good info on Anime on DVD. :) - another addiction, a constantly updating list of Anime cel dealer updates. - Internet guide to Anime cels, a pretty decent list of anime cel dealers. - a nice resource for locating fan sub stuff.

Entertainment (non-anime) - National Public Radio.  I love NPR.  Sadly, it's my only news source, but I at least stay informed. - Southpark resource.  I used to download episodes from here since I don't have cable, but I think they took that function down. - U2's official site. - A humorous take on those inspirational posters.  (Ignorance, doubt, consulting) - An amusing take on movie reviews, a compilation site.

MSNBC picture stories - Pictures stories.  Very interesting, people-type stories. - A photo critique site where I'm registered, for amateurs mostly.